What is an ‘intelligent place’?

The starting point for ‘Intelligent Places’ is a vision for a slightly different way of thinking about data in local places.

Modern society uses technology more than ever before. Government, academia, business and local communities have an opportunity to collaborate and use data, technology and research to make better decisions for the benefit of society.

Intelligent Places aspires to exist as a partnership to help realise these opportunities run by a local authority team we will provide an ongoing locus for this work in the community and foster a spirit of curiosity, collaboration and innovation. This will increase research and analytical capacity in the local area and produce value for money research which helps meet local needs, promote growth and adapt to change

We will provide accurate and up to date information, facts and figures to inform local decisions in a community setting. We will speak to communities, academia and business with as much ease as we already do with public service agencies.


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